The 7 things you DON’T need to buy your kid for their freshman year of college

 If your kid’s heading off to college this month, there are probably a lot of things you have to buy for them.  But according to an expert, here are seven things you might NOT want to buy, because they’re probably just a waste of money.

1.  A printer.  Obviously it’s not BAD to have one.  But most homework can be emailed now.  And if they NEED to print something, they can always do it at the computer lab.

 2.  A tablet.  The cheap ones can’t do everything a laptop can.  And the ones that CAN do everything are still really expensive.  So a computer is good enough.

3.  A big-screen TV.  Teenagers watch most stuff on their computers now anyway.  So having a TV is nice, but they don’t NEED one.

4.  New clothes.  Especially if they’re a freshman.  Let’s face it . . . they’ll probably gain weight this year.  So buy them a FEW things, just not a whole new wardrobe.

5.  A mini fridge.  They won’t be cooking anyway, so it’ll just be for Hot Pockets and beer.  Again, it’s something that’s NICE to have, but probably not necessary.

6.  An external hard drive.  Unless they’re editing videos or something, they probably won’t need it.  If they need to back stuff up, they can get free storage online.

7.  An iron, and an ironing board.  99% of college kids NEVER iron their clothes.  If they do, it’s a fire hazard anyway.

Top 8 Things people DON’T say anymore, thanks to technology!

Technology has ruined the greatest insults of our childhood.  Like, you can’t say, “Here’s a quarter, call someone who cares” anymore.  You have to say, “Here’s a Samsung Galaxy Note phablet, Google someone who cares.”  Not the same.

Here are eight more phrases that have now become completely irrelevant . . .

1.  “Be kind, rewind.”

2.  “Call me collect.”

3.  “I’m developing the photos.”

4.  “Check the classifieds.”

5.  “Call a travel agent.”

6.  “Ask for directions.”

7.  “Call 411.”

8. “Check the Phonebook!”

FLT Improv Night is Saturday!

Tickets are on sale at the door, THIS SATURDAY!

Tickets are $10, under 18 yrs of age requires an adult for entry.

Doors open at 6:30pm.  All are welcome to attend!

Special thanks to Cornelio, Xavier and Marcia for stopping by the 103X studio!


Walking Taco!

Folks have been posting these pics of Target refrigerating Doritos….

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The idea is doing the WALKING TACO! Follow the instructions, and it  should end up looking like THIS:

Homemade Walking Tacos


Get the recipe here:

Cheap out on these things– you will end up paying MORE

 People who are good with money know that being cheap often ends up costing you MORE in the long run.  Here’s a list of 13 times when you should pay extra for quality, in order to SAVE money later.

1.  Cookware.  Cheap pots and pans don’t last, and they don’t cook well.  You might pay several times as much for expensive pots, but they’ll last forever.

2.  Car maintenance.  Cars break down a lot earlier if you don’t take care of them.  You can save thousands a year by making a car last longer, and you can also sell it for more later, if you can show you’ve done all the recommended maintenance.

3.  Furniture.  Solid wood furniture lasts just about forever.  With IKEA furniture, you’re lucky to make it through the first month.

4.  Knives.  The cheap ones lose their edge right away.  Quality knives stay sharp longer, and you can keep sharpening them for a lifetime.

5.  Hair conditioner.  Cheap shampoo is okay, but cheap conditioner can be worse than none at all.

6.  Shoes.  Quality shoes pay for themselves by lasting longer.  But cheap shoes can be EXTREMELY expensive if they cause foot problems because they don’t fit well.

7.  Paint.  Cheap paint doesn’t cover as well, so you end up using two coats.  Two gallons of cheap paint cost more than one gallon of good paint . . . and it takes more than twice as long to put on two coats, because you’ll wait for the first coat to dry.

8.  Clothing.  If you’re dressing for fashion, you can wear anything, because you only need it to last for a few months.  For classic stuff like hoodies and sport coats, spend more and keep it as long as possible.

9.  Exterior housing materials.  Siding, shingles, paint and windows should all be high quality.  Especially if you live in a place where it rains a lot.

10.  Blenders.  You can get any old blender for $15, but the blades and the motor won’t last.  Especially if you’re into smoothies or frozen margaritas.

11.  Children’s toys.  Wooden blocks and durable toys like Legos will actually be around long enough for your kids to outgrow them.  Most toys off the shelf at big box stores are pretty much built to break on the day after Christmas.

12.  Bed sheets.  The cheap ones get uncomfortable after a few washes, and they lose their color quickly.

13.  Energy efficiency upgrades.  Pay more for good windows and modern appliances.  They’ll pay for themselves in savings on your utility bill within a few years, and they’ll last for 15 years or more.

This is what the “Happy” music video is like without the music track.

This is still awesome — even without music.


Denis Davis’s Jack Daniels Pork Chops


  • Pork Chops
  • Brown Sugar ( .25 of a cup)
  • 2 tsp of Worcestershire sauce
  • One cup of Jack Daniels
  • 3 tsp of Corn Starch
  • One chopped Onion
  • spices: cumin, Clove, Salt, Pepper

First,  mix clove, salt, pepper, and cumin together, and make a rub for your pork chops. Apply the rub for the pork chops.  Grill pork chops!

(or if you elect to  bake, preheat oven, then bake them at 350 for 35 minutes … which could be longer if you have thicker pork chops)

[always use a meat thermometer for food safety]


2. Prepare your Jack Daniels Sauce.  First, in a sauce pan, drop in your onions on medium heat.   Allow the onions to begin to caramelize. Then add 1 cup of Jack Daniels whiskey and your Worcestershire sauce, and add your brown sugar.  Allow this to reduce on med-low for 25 minutes.  Consistently stir sauce.  Add 3 Tsp of corn starch, and stir.  Allow sauce to simmer for 10 min on low.


Serve Pork Chop with Jack Daniels Sauce with Rice and a green vegetable of your choosing.  Enjoy!




Lindsay Lohan: A-list hookups

Not sure if she is looking for a high-five? IN TOUCH WEEKLY has the dirt.

Wilmer Valderrama. Max George. Justin Timberlake. Heath Ledger. James Franco. Adam Levine. Colin Farrell. The Zac Efron. James Franco.

“The List” goes on… Click here

Kevin Bacon explains the 80s to Millenials


Finally a cool Selfie Idea!

Check out this photogropher who takes a selfie… with GOLDEN JELLYFISH!

Interesting fact: Golden Jellyfish do not sting (humans cannot feel  a sting from a golden jellyfish, thus they are for the most-part harmless).

Photographer gets up close and personal with hundreds of golden jellyfish